Sun 26 May 2024
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Seen : 13 May 2021

Venue : Crown Theatre Perth

Who: Rick, Louise, Vicky and Jenny



The show was led brilliantly by the three main cast members. Perth favourite Peter Rowsthorne may be more recognizable as a stand-up comedian or Brett inĀ Kath & Kim, but he played the part of the mature and witty trans woman Bernadette with true flair. He brought the comic timing and stage presence you’d expect from Rowsthorne, as well as some of the more heartwarming moments from the show, not to mention some genuine stage chemistry with love interest Bob (Luke Hewitt). Cougar Morrisson made their name as a drag queen but took to this big part in a big show with aplomb. They looked very much at home in a leading role as Tick/Mitzi, drawing the audience into the journey to be a father that drives the show with excellent acting skills, and bringing both the necessary power and emotion to the songs. You wouldn’t at all know this is their theatrical debut. Nick Mayer as Adam/Felicia was another brilliant performance, carrying energy throughout the show and making the character full of confidence that borders on arrogance for most of the show, but mirroring that with believable vulnerability when needed.


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