Wed 29 May 2024
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The Spectacular Blues Brothers Showband & Review 20240525

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Saturday 25th May 2024 8:30 PM Encore – Vat 1116 Venue in Rockingham. on the Corner of Kent Street & Railway Terrace 5 Star performance Showband, showcasing the very best of The Blues Brothers. We incorporate theatre , dance moves and antics straight of the movie.Our professional 8 piece band boasts some of the best […]

A sequel to the Australian cult classic movie

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, is in the works with the original main cast all set to return on screen. “I’m not repeating myself, we’ll start the new film in Australia, but by God, we’re going on one helluva journey,” the director of the celebrated 90s movie Stephan ElliottĀ told Deadline. “The original […]

WWE: Elimination Chamber 2024

Seen : 24 Febuary 2024 Venue : Optus Stadium Who: Rick, Vicky, Jenna and Billy Crowd: 52,900 largest ever for an Elimination Chamber Critique TBF